January 13, 2011

Information on the Right to Appeal against negative answer on the demand for asylum (P.D. 114/2010)

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We inform you that from the 22nd of November 2010, the provisions of the no.114 Presidential Decree were put in place.

According to this new legislative provision, the asylum seekers who have received a negative answer on their demand for political asylum (no.81 Presidential Decree, 30/06/2009) will have the right to make an appeal in order to have their demands reexamined. This provision includes all negative answers on demands for political asylum given by the Headmasters of the Aliens’ Directorates in both Attica and Thessaloniki along with the ones given by Headmasters of all Police Directorates in the country.

To take advantage of this right and to be able to make an appeal, the asylum seeker must not have submitted an appeal to the High Court or have been resigned from any relevant application.

The deadline to apply for the appeals ends on the 20th of February 2011.

The ones interested, could go to the Authorities from which they received the decision mentioned above in order to be guided on further actions.

Ministry of Citizens Protection