February 22, 2017

Decision 445/2017 of the COUNCIL OF STATE

Decision 445/2017 THE COUNCIL OF STATE 
4th Chamber

Having deliberated in public on its hearing of 29 November 2016, composed of: Demosthenes P. Petroulias, Deputy President, President of the 4th Chamber, D. Cyrillopoulos, Κ. Pispirighos, El. Mazos, Ο. Papadopoulou, Judges, Δ. Skoura, D. Mavropodi, Associate Judges. Secretary Η. Papacharalampous.
To judge the annulment application dated of 14th September 2016: Of .............., under administrative detention for purposes of readmission in the Police Station of Mitilene,
who was represented by Panagiota Masouridou, attorney-at-law [...], whom he appointed upon authorization,
Against Ministers: 1) of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction, already of Migration Policy, who was represented by Pantelis Papadakis, Adviser at the State Legal Council, 2) of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, who was represented by Aggeliki Anastopoulou, Adviser at the State Legal Council and 3) of Finance, who was represented by Pantelis Papadakis, Adviser at the State Legal Council.

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February 17, 2017

Amnesty International: Human rights cost of EU refugee deal with Turkey too high to be replicated elsewhere


The EU-Turkey refugee deal has left thousands of refugees and migrants in squalid and dangerous living conditions, and must not be replicated with other countries, Amnesty International said today ahead of the deal’s one year anniversary.

The deal aimed at returning asylum-seekers back to Turkey on the premise that Turkey is safe for them, has left thousands exposed to squalid and unsafe conditions on Greek islands. In the new briefing “A Blueprint for Despair” Amnesty International also documented unlawful returns of asylum-seekers to Turkey in a flagrant breach of their rights under international law.