January 26, 2011

Solidarity Initiative with the 300 Migrants on Hunger Strike - Athens

 Press Release 
Solidarity Initiative with the 300 Migrants on Hunger Strike - Athens 
As already publicly expressed during yesterday's press conference (25.01.2011), we, the Initiative for Solidarity with the 300 Migrants on Hunger Strike in Athens, support the just and democratic struggle of the 300 migrants, undertaken on their own initiative and without intermediaries.
The struggle of the 300 migrants, who are currently using the unoccupied building of the Law Faculty of Athens as a shelter,  is the struggle of 300 people who have been working for many years without any social or labor rights. The historic building of the Law Faculty, which is presently not being used for academic purposes and is undergoing renovation, is a place that has hosted in the past major and fair social struggles. It is a place which offers asylum to those fighting for justice and dignity; a place where medical and legal support as well as civil protection is being provided to those on strike.

January 24, 2011




The Greek Council for Refugees hereby denounces the deportation of an Iranian asylum seeker, T.R. (full identification details available at the Greek Council for Refugees), from Tychero Border Police Station to Turkey, through the Readmission Protocol between Greece and Turkey. T.R, who was recognised as a refugee under the mandate of UNHCR in Iraq, entered Greece through the Evros region on 29.10.2010. According to the account he gave us, since the moment of his arrest he had been asking the Greek authorities for protection. However, his asylum claim was not registered and the Greek authorities issued a detention and deportation order against him. The Greek Council for Refugees intervened in writing for the registration of his claim (document prot.nr. 497/2010, dated 19/11/2010 ). T.R.'s claim was officially registered on 25.11.2010 and has been pending ever since. His detention was not lifted and he continued to be held in Tychero Border Police Station under conditions which were tantamount to inhuman and degrading treatment in violation of the applicable legislation and in particular Art. 3 ECHR.

January 13, 2011

Information on the Right to Appeal against negative answer on the demand for asylum (P.D. 114/2010)

We inform you that from the 22nd of November 2010, the provisions of the no.114 Presidential Decree were put in place.

According to this new legislative provision, the asylum seekers who have received a negative answer on their demand for political asylum (no.81 Presidential Decree, 30/06/2009) will have the right to make an appeal in order to have their demands reexamined. This provision includes all negative answers on demands for political asylum given by the Headmasters of the Aliens’ Directorates in both Attica and Thessaloniki along with the ones given by Headmasters of all Police Directorates in the country.